Online-Preneurs go Crypto

What the Blockchain?

How to start & navigate in the crypto space & web 3 in 20 days 

without being a finance pro

Imagine you could wake up every morning smiling & knowing you add value through your crypto portfolio for your future and your impact mission in the world.

And you had the flexibility to adjust everything whenever you wanted feeling roaming the decentralized finance space with certainty.

But instead you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by all the new vocabulary & technology in the crypto space.

And you stopped while it fascinates you, somehow you feel the potential it holds. You just don’t find the starting point to profit from this new financial ressource opportunity.

„What the Blockchain?“ is your easy entrance with 20 videos in 20 days AND a step by step action plan at the end to start with certainty

After finishing this course you will

  • feel safe and excited to start your own journey in the crypto space & be technically set up & ready to buy your first coin
  • know & understand the basic crypto vocabulary (blockchain, NFT, coins, wallet, FIAT money, DeFi and so much more)
  • know what blockchain technology, crypto currencies & NFTs are & where to find everything you need
  • which products & serivces YOU can profit from as a beginner in crypto to invest & to build further income streams in a safe way
  • how to navigate safely & what to watch out for
  • why this space is called web 3 and why it holds such enormous potential to change the economy for good

Hi, I’m Judith

a 3x certified Limitless Lifestyle Coach & Global Shift Biz Mentor for visionary online entrepreneurs, a bestselling author and speaker.

A good year ago the crypto bug bit me and I was on fire to find out how everything works.

I did it all: YouTube videos, Discord channels, blog articles, Telegram groups – and got frustrated as it all seemed so complex & complicated, yet so exciting & I somehow knew that this is part of the disruption & transformation process of the world that will open up opportunity for more prosperity and freedom for so many people.

So I kept going, invested way more than 100 hours of learning and joined a membership with access to experts earlier this year, having my own first portfolio now.

With the potential right in front of me & my mission in mind to be part of the global transformation into the new world by leading others into their purpose-aligned impact driven businesses and a lifestyle of freedom & joy –

I just had to create an easy entry for you and other visionary entrepreneurs with this online course. Super excited to be sharing this with you now.

“Judith is not one of the many thousands of coaches on the market. She is THE coach to accompany you on your way to a happy and meaningful life with no limits.” Katharina, Founder & CEO IT Consultancy

„Judith, I am truly grateful for our sessions last year. Pioneering“ Nils, Vision & Life Coach

Who is this course for

You are a future-excited entrepreneur with busy schedule that looks to create additional income streams and you search for wealth building opportunities for more freedom

You feel great about starting at absolutely zero and learning step by step with daily videos between 5 and 25 min

You appreciate a step-by-step-action-plan at the end for you to get started

Forget the 15 bookmarked videos on your watchlist and take the shortcut with this online course „What the blockchain?“

This course does not cover and is not for

trading tipps or advice or investment or financial consultancy

any B2B topics

how to create your own NFT projects as this is beyond the „starting“ part

crypto, trading & NFT experts

change-avers individuals that like things to stay the same

That all doesn’t apply to you, you are super excited to get started and learn the easy way? Save your limited early bird spot here – prices will go up soon

What the Blockchain? How to start & navigate in the crypto space & web 3 in 20 days (without being a finance pro)

Learn in 6 block modules in 20 days everything you need to start roaming the crypto space:

The New Ecosystem

What is Defi?

What is the Blockchain Technology & Smart Contracts?

What is Web 3?


What are NFTs


Project Examples

Products & Services

Coins & Token


Staking/ Lending

Advanced Products

Safety & Tech Tips


Watch Outs

Fees & Costs

Platforms & Apps


DEXes & CEXes

Trading Platforms

Case Study

Wrap Up



Step-by-Step Action Plan

Join the visionaries, entrepreneurs and trailblazers that shape tomorrow with purpose, abundance and power. Take action now and start.

Everything is possible. 


Can I do this course if I have never invested in any financial products and I have absolutely no idea about finances or stocks in general?

Yes, this course is made exactly for you and it starts really at zero in the crypto space. I was once that person that felt like not understanding a thing about finances & therefore I explain everything in easy to understand language (overall it’s not that complicated 😉 ) and you can master it, too.

What happens after I click "buy" & how will I receive access to the course?

Once you clicked on one of the buttons on the page here, you reach the checkout page, enter all your details and purchase the course. Afterwards you get an email confirmation about your purchase and a separate email with access to all videos of the course (keep an eye on your spam folder just in case). It might take a couple of hours until the access email finds your inbox, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. If you haven’t received anything within 24h, please reach out.

Can I do this course if I am not an entrepreneur?

Well, of course you can 🙂 Who would stop you, if you wanted to learn something new and an opportunity like this comes up, right? But I wanna share that the course is talking to visionary entrepreneurial minds and the business opportunities arising in web 3 next to explaining crypto, staking, blockchain technology and all the other good stuff. So if you already have a business or are in the starting phase and look to add value & new opportunity to build wealth this is 100% for you. If you just wanna use this opportunity to learn the crypto basics and get ready to start, feel free to join and just be aware that some elements might not speak to you.

How long will I have access to the course "What the Blockchain? How to start & navigate in the crypto space & web 3 in 20 days"?

With the purchase you have life long access to the content. Just be aware that with the ending of the early bird beta phase (Sept. 22), afterwards the platform where you find the course will change (you will receive all relevant info once the time has come)

Will I also learn how I set up a wallet and accounts on marketplaces and not just general info about everything?

Yes, yes and yes 🙂 I am all about execution & implementation. While you will learn a lot about the context and the dynamics to get a good feeling about the space, you will also see lots of live examples of websites, products and apps and I will walk you through the processes of how to set up everything on your own.

I have my own business AND I already hold ETFs and other stock portfolio or commodities like gold, but have never looked into the crypto space - is this course still for me?

Yes, if you are curious to see how taking advantage of both worlds could look like for you, because the course focuses on everything crypto. We are currently at the stage where both worlds exist and they start to blend & mix. You will probably find it easier to evaluate the profit potential and the basic dynamics of financial products in the DeFi space because you already know this from traditional finance. And this gives you the opportunity to have your focus on all the new tech stuff and the web 3 dynamics which are different to what we have know so far.

Judith, how do you know all of this with no financial background yourself?

Love that you ask this question. Let me answer it for you: Over the past 13 months I have spent way beyond 100 hours just on learning and understanding terminology, technology, products & services and the market environment. Earlier this year I joined a membership connecting to experts in trading & investing in crypto and I have build my own first portfolio over the past 4 months. I have done the ground work including some „learnings“ with non-relevant or low quality info and an investment I would not make again today (I share the example in the course with you).

Additionally I hold a degree in International Business & Management and I spent 10 years in the corporate world in B2B sales, key account & business mgt before I entered entrepreneurship.

Two of my major strengths are my love of learning and that I see through complexity connecting dots fast. Both strengths lead to high performance and that’s how I was able to get to the point of being able to already pass on now what I started for myself a year ago. The course provides you with the essence and the most relevant things you need to start with certainty and feeling safe in the crypto space.

Remember: Everything is possible once YOU decide to start.

Love & Trust, Judith

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